Do You Want To Become A Recording Artist?

Do you want to be a successful singer and recording artist?

Want to have your EP on Spotify and Apple Music GUARANTEED within the next 3 months?

Want to work with the BEST people in the industry, from top vocal coaches to top recording engineers?

Are you frustrated and struggling as a singer, because you know you have talent, but don’t know how to break into the industry?

What if we sent your finished EP to our set of high profile contacts in the industry and record labels?

What if I told you that our ‘Recording Artist Programme’ solves all of the above?


In just 3 months

We take care of everything to get you set up as a recording artist. 


In just 3 months

We set up your 5 track EP, all mixed and mastered and ready for worldwide downloads


In just 3 months

We GUARANTEE to get your 5 track EP ready for Spotify, Apple Music and then we send it onto our trusted contacts of major record labels.

Why did we create this programme?

We get it. It’s incredibly difficult to break into the music industry. ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ can be a very true statement.  With thousands upon thousand of singers out there wanting to sign to a recording label, how do you even get started? How do you get in touch with these record labels?

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The Recording Artist Programme is now the quickest, most effective route on your path to becoming a successful recording artist

Why become a successful singer?

This is an easy one. We all know why everyone wants to be a recording artist.  These people are highly respected in their industry.  They live a life of passion doing what they love. They are gifted with financial freedom.

We are living in an amazing time where it’s possible to reach fans in every country around the world, all through great apps such as Spotify and Apple Music.

There are so many people in the world, we can’t connect with everyone.

But one way you can connect and change the lives of thousands, if not, millions of people, is by being a recording artist.

We all know how much we love and treasure our favourite recording artists.

By the end of our programme, your music can be downloaded instantly from fans in every country in the world. 

Your path to success

The Recording Artist Programme is now the quickest, most effective route on your path to becoming a successful recording artist 

Through this programme, we want to give you the opportunity to have these worldwide fans and create an impact on the world. 

There’s nothing like the buzz of a live show. 

Once you become successful online, and create a fan base, it will give you more chance for those fans to come to your shows too. 

But you need to make a start. You need to take action and get your music out there. If your music is great, then people will share it. 

Our mission is to make your music not just great, but the absolute best it can be. 

Recording artists also live the lifestyle they want. 

They are gifted with true financial freedom. 

This financial freedom comes as a bonus for all the value and meaning they have given to others through their art and their music. 

Our high profile contacts trust us

Building contacts with major record labels takes time. 

The Recording Artist Programme is designed to finally get your foot in the door. 

We want each singer to make it big in the music industry 

Apart from everything you are going to get with this programme one part is INVALUABLE. You can not put a price on contacts and trust with major record labels. 

We have spent years making contacts with key people in the recording industry. They know, they like us and they trust us. That’s priceless! 

Your finished EP will be sent to several Recording Labels to try and get you the recording contract to make you the recording artist you want to be.

What you will leave with

And the end of the 3 month programme we Guarantee you will be on Spotify and Apple Music with your brand new EP. 

That can be a complicated process but we have experience with this, and we will sort all this for you. 

Your EP will be getting listened to, downloaded and shared and it’s yours for all time. 

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Our offer to you

Starter Package

We’ve included a 1 track Single to get you started. We take care of the musicians, mixing, production, mastering and uploading your track onto Spotify and Apple Music

Vocal Coach is with you always to ensure you are on top form in your recording session

Help with marketing and the business side of your Single going forward, including tips with Spotify promotions and more getting more streams

A more affordable option which is perfect for singers wanting to experience and recording studio and get their first Single online!

This would be a 2-4 week time frame dependant on what was needed to craft your Single.

Standard Package

5 weeks of Vocal Coaching from leading vocal coach Christopher David Mitchell to ensure all your vocals are on point

Christopher David Mitchell with you at all times when you record to ensure the best results for your Vocal

A photoshoot session with top London Photographer for your cover of your EP.

Social Media and marketing classes for you. We will make you unique and stand out

All the production, mixing, mastering and development of each track. We take care of everything

Your 5 track EP uploaded to Spotify and Apple Music and sent to industry professionals with great influence to give you the best chance for a successful career.

Premium Package

For the few who select the 11 week course within the premium package. You receive everything included in the standard package, as well as…

Note, the Premium Package has very limited availability.

We will arrange the top quality musicians from scratch to build your tracks. This could include Drums, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Backing Vocals. All created for you and your EP

Help with creating your songs, including melody and lyrics

Masterclasses on songwriting from industry professionals who work with top artists

Your Music Video. We arrange a top Award winning Videographer to shoot your music video. This will involve intense planning and communication to ensure you have your Music Video for your first Single!

6 Extra hours of one to one coaching with Christopher David Mitchell during the recording process so you are on top vocal form for recording your EP

Please note there are no prices listed here as there are no set prices to each package. It is dependant to what the singer needs for their unique EP. The price will be changeable by factors such as extra live musicians, backing vocalists, music videos, photoshoots etc. 

Get in touch and book a call with Christopher to get your unique quote dependant on your needs.

With all the above packages we take care of the uploads to the digital music platforms so the hassle is all taken care of.

Who are we?

Christopher David Mitchell

Your vocal coach for the Recording Artist Programme will be Christopher David Mitchell.

After life saving surgery at 27 years old, his mission ever since has to become a coach and to inspire people to become exceptional. 

Christopher started working for New York Vocal Coaching, as the first European Associate for the company. He is a highly sought after Vocal Coach with high profile clients such as the Grammy Award Wining Boy George

Christopher has also released an E Book, as well as a popular online vocal course available via his website.

Oli Delbos

Oli Delbos is a French born record producer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist.

His passion and dedication to music has taken him from very humble beginnings to now working for high profile clients such as James blake (Mercury Prize) Lee Kerslake (Black Sabbath, Metal Hall of Fame, Huria Heep), Henry Thomas (BBC Rockshool) and Clive Chin (VP Records). At his London based studio, Oli works for major labels (Sony, Warner),independent labels and has the pleasure of working with an array of new talented artists.

Christopher and Oli have worked together for many years. They have a collective vision to give talented singers the opportunity they deserve.

What’s our process?

Our 3 month process is going to be tough. We aren’t pretending that the music industry is easy. But we will be working hard with you every step of the way. Each and every week they’ll be a new challenge 

The Programme is set into 12 weeks. Meeting 1 -2 times a week.

One week you will be working on your songs in songwriting sessions alongside songwriting professionals. People who are working with major labels and major artists already. 

Another week you could be in the recording studio all day with your vocal coach and sound engineer. 

We have the whole course mapped out for you

To hear about the full programme itinerary, you can talk with Christopher and book a Skype call.

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Who is this programme for?

This programme is not for everyone. We simply are putting so much time and effort into each singer that spaces have to be limited. 

We are giving so much time and attention to a very select group of singers. 

We can’t send your work to major labels unless we really believe in you. 

This is why it is application only for this course, we have a meet up and vocal consultation with leading Vocal Coach Christopher David Mitchell to assess if you have got what it takes. 

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Now it’s time to Take Action

It’s 3 months out of your life to do everything you can to be recording artist.

The time and effort you will save by doing this course can’t really be underestimated.

I see so many singers wasting years if not decades of their lives trying to still break into the music industry. They have regrets that they didn’t do everything in their power to fulfil their dreams and their potential

This 3 month course will be the quickest and most productive way for you to start your journey of being a recording artist

If you don’t do the course, you still could make it. But it’s a long and frustrating path without the contacts we have direct to the record labels.

You only have one life and one chance to make it. There’s a time when it feels like the right time to give it your all to change your life and have the life you wanted as a recording artist. I hope you want this time to be now.

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